Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Miscellaneous Photos...

We got some "cold" weather, it was in the 20's and 30's... So we took full advantage of the winter wear! lol

Happy New Year.... 2008

So another year has gone by and my baby boy is growing up so lovely. He's walking, running, climbing the stairs and getting into just a b out any and everything he can get into. His favorite thing to do is grab pots and a spoon while mom cooks. He LOOOVES music! Anything music related he is allll over it! From commercials to singing to his tv shows, my cell phone ringer, doesn't matter, he'll stop what he's doing to start dancing...

He's 25lbs now and still doesn't like watching tv anymore. I can't even get a good 10 mins of tv in on him just to get dinner started, he prefers to be right next to mom. He loves playing w/ his Big Sister Kayla, he loves her to death, but can certainly tell she's a He tries to tackle her and wrestle with her anytime he can.. it's quite funny.. lol He also likes to chase her around the house or vice versa.

He still is my calm baby, he has his moments, but he is soooo happy, he flirts while we're out, he kills everyone with his smile and laugh. What else can I say, he's my happy baby..... BUT unllike mom and Sis, does NOT like taking pictures! lol

Christmas 07 Pics