Friday, August 25, 2006

Eventful Day.........

Well I went to the doctor's this morning for a simple check up and wound up spending the day in Labor and Delivery...
I was having contractions and Jayden's heartbeat was not elevating as it should.

So after a few hours in Labor & Delivery and finally the contractions stopping, a Sonogram showing Jayden was fine, just not a morning baby and stubborn like his mom... I got to come home!!!

This is around the time I started having complications with Kayla and wound up having her at 35 wks (i'm currently 34wks now), so please keep me, Jayden, Kayla and Rudy in your prayers...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Baby Shower

I want to thank EVERYONE who planned and attended my baby shower this past weekend! I had a great great time... Got alittle emotional (hope no one snapped any pics) and was able to fellowship w/ the people I enjoy the MOST!!!

My Sorors are the B-E-S-T! Drhooooooooooooo!!! 4 ever - Genesis of Excellence will always be my babies..... Sydni THANKS FOR COMING OUT OF INCOGNEGRA to hang w/ us!!!Thanks ladies for holding it down and the CREW! Can't forget yall, b'cuz we REPRESENT wherever we go, whatever we do!!!

Here's a pic of my Sorors (minus Fierce, she left early) and one of me alone!

Here is BIG SISTER KAYLA!!! (Helping /w the gifts)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Baby Jayden.. 31 wks

Baby Jayden praying for his safe arrival....

Saturday, August 05, 2006

You would think.....

AS i'm sitting here wondering what in the world is wrong w/ me! Where does all this energy come from??

I realize why I'm sooo tired during the week and irritable.. you would think I have nothing to do the way I'm carrying on around here!!

My day today....

I got up around 9:30, showered and headed to work... I have a case that needs to be finished ASAP and since Rudy's parents are coming next week, I took off Tues and Wednesday, well if I expect to be off, I decided to go into work this morning and get alittle bit accomplished. I have 3 clients to meet w/ Monday morning, so the reality of me getting this file done on Monday was slim because the entire morning would be ruined. I got to work alittle after 10:30 and worked until about 12:30 and met Melissa for lunch at the Japanese Steakhouse (no I wasn't suppose to eat there.. but oh well, no use crying over spilled milk). After lunch, I went back to work and stayed until about 5:30pm. I got the majority of work done and only have 1 major thing to finish on Monday.

I left work and came home to find Rudy working on Jayden's room, well I jumped right on in and we finally finished around 8pm. I started dinner and then sat down and started on my homework! So as I review my days events alone, I realize why come Monday morning I will be EXHAUSTED! Tomorrow is more homework and I'm going to "try" and relax alittle, but w/ my in-laws coming, I'm sure I'll think of a million things to do!

I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions, I'm going to mention it to the Doctor on Tuesday... 31 wks, I only need to make it atleast 5 more, so Mr. Jayden can come on out!!! WAIT...DO YOU REALIZE I HAVE 63 DAYS LEFT UNTIL MY DUE DATE!!! and I'm having him 4-5 wks early since I have to be induced.... Oh my goodness!!!! How exciting...

Again where does all the energy come from???? lol

Jayden's Room is FINISHED!!

All we need is Mr. Jayden's arrival!!!!

Been a while

It's been a while since I last posted on this blog. Between work, school and organizational and family life, it's been busy for me.

Well Mr. Jayden is growing as big as ever, he is still active and keep momomy up at night. It has become more and more uncomfortable for me to sleep at night which sucks because we know how much I love my sleep!

Here's a pic of Mr. Jayden at 28 wks and 5 days... This was 3 wks ago, I'm 31 wks now and guess what, will be having him between 36 and 37 wks because of past complications.. Happy Happy Joy Joy...