Sunday, December 31, 2006

Jayden's Philly Visit...

Happy New Year...

Who said there are no cute clothes for little boys?? Well they were wrong, Macy's has become my new best friend! They have the best clothes for little boys and the best discounts and sales!!
Here are few more photos from our holiday visit to Philly....

Jayden with my Dad (Pop-Pop Melvin)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Holidays....

Me & My Brother Dominic

Dominic, Ashayai, Jayden, Kayla and I...
"Goldsby/Carter" Clan....

Merry Christmas....and Happy Holidays...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Santa Day

So we braved the mall and got the Santa photos taken... Merry X-Mas everyone!!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Holi-JAYs.....

Is he not the CUTEST lil boy you've ever seen???
Look at those cheeks.... Look at those lips!!! He is just SO ADORABLE!!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006


So tomorrow/today Jayden will be going to the babysitter for the first time. I have my company X-Mas party to attend and I guess he has to get used to her eventually.... I'm sitting here at 1:18 like I'm Santa... Making a list, checking it twice... To make sure I didn't forget anything... All I can think about is my baby w/ some other person for a few hours???

Well i'm going to bed and I'll let you know how that works out!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Friday, December 08, 2006

Photos and an Update (finally)

It has clearly been toooo long since I last posted. Mr. Jayden is almost 3 mths (on the 12th, he'll officially be 3 mths), although he was 12 wks this past Tuesday... Do I have to do the weeks thing? I hate when people say, Oh my son is 42 wks... huh??? lol Just say he's almost ONE. So I think (probably not) from this point forward, I wont do the WEEKS, it's just MONTHS and I'll get sick of that soon too.. lol Dont you love when people say, oh he's 42 months... (you have to calculate in your head.. oh he'll be 4 in 6mths).
So when asked, he's almost 3 mths... instead of 12 wks and 3 days... 3 hrs and 51 mins old!

Jayden's newest things are.. scooting up on his knees, moving his self around in his pack n play (yes you will lay him facing one way and he wakes up facing another way), TALKING.. oh goodness, the coooos and noises he makes are sooo cute and funny. My husband and I both swore he said HI, but I'm sure the lack of sleep said HI and not Jayden... But he will look you straight in the eye as if he's having a full conversation with you and you ask him a question and he responds... it's tooo funny! He's enjoying his swing a little more, he might last an entire 22 mins now... but if you turn on the Mozart, he'll fall asleep and last about 27 mins.. lol OH and he likes it on speed 4... I guess he's adventurous!!

This photo was actually taken today, he woke up with SMILES GALORE and of course, I couldn't get a pic of ONE!! lol He has the cutest smile on this side of creation... He is truly a happy baby.. Still peaceful and calm... he likes to just sit w/ mom and chill.

This photo was taken in Philly at my dad's house.. We went home for Thanksgiving at the spur of the moment, I had a dose of homesickness... lol

This photo is actually on Thanksgiving. As you can see Jayden was NOT too happy about wearing all of those clothes, hes' a FLORIDA baby, he knows NOTHING and I mean NOTHING about all those clothes... But he had to admit, he looked TOOOO CUTE in his sweater, courdoroys and Timberlands....

Again, too many clothes, A COAT??? What in the world is a COAT!

I wish I would have videocamed this

Jayden is going to be a handful, he gave his Big Sister such a HARD TIME when it came to her feeding him. I needed 10 mins to just get dinner on the stove, but he was hungry, so I thought, what harm could it do if she sat and fed him... Oh well Jayden wasn't having it and it was the FUNNIEST thing ever.... Too bad I didn't capture it on film....

Jayden @ 12 wks....

Jayden Talking...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

And on the 7th week he SLEPT!!

I delivered Jayden Rudiger Ellis 7 wks ago (yesterday), hard to believe. Well Jayden is still an angel and very calm and serene. Let's look at the things he's been doing in the last 7 wks.
1. He has turned from his stomach to his back (3 times).
2. When you call his name, he looks you right in the face as to say, WHAT?? (lol)
3. He is drinking between 3 - 4 oz per feeding, he's like his momma, eat a little now, come back for the rest later.
4. He's still napping every 2 hours, waking up to eat during the day.... BUT.....

Last week he's been going to sleep around 10:30 and waking up at 4:30 (which I was excited about) but this new found, SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! whewwwwwwwwwwwww whewwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Here are some photos...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy 1 mth old....

I can't beleive that 4 wks ago, I was in the Labor & Delivery preparing for the birth of my baby boy..... Well he is here and getting bigger each and everyday!
This week, he actually rolled from his stomach to his back several times.. Boy he's moving / learning things quickly. He has a dr appt on friday, lets see how much he has grown...

Talk to you soon!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Almost 4 wks

It's almost 4 wks, my baby is almost 1 mth old!!

Our 1st Family Photo... (don't we look weird!! lol)

These pics are at the Child Abuse Community Fair in Sanford, Florida.. Here are more pics from the event..

Community Fair

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Up and Feeling Good

It's almost 3 weeks, since Mr. Jayden was born and I'm finally up and feeling much better. My feet and legs have gone down 100% no more swelling and I can wear regular shoes again (yaayyyy). I drove for the first time yesterday, I took Kayla to her game and sat for 2 hours (no problems). It was a beautiful day out, about 78 degrees and no humidity.. as they would call it, Fall - Florida style.

I've spent the majority of today doing administrative things and watching Jayden. Rudy is truly a blessing, I know I get soo frustrated with him, but he really is a good father! He has been getting up at night w/ Jayden and allowing me to "try" and sleep because I usually wake up when Jayden wakes up, BUT, I don't have to get up and change and feed him. He gets up and takes care of it! Thank goodness, I'm not built for the late night feedings, I'm trying but after doing it the whole day every 2 - 2 1/2 hours, I'm exhausted come night. He's been very understanding and just gets up, NO complaints, he just does it! Thank God for him :-)

Well I finally allowed myself to be photographed.. .ha ha ha.. I've lost all my pregnancy weight, fluid, etc... and I'm actually down an additional 26lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight!!! I'm sooo excited about it, that I'm scared to EAT... lol
I want to continue the downward spiral/ weight lost and get to my ideal weight by January 1... Me and Jayden are going to start taking Big Sister Kayla to cheerleading practice and walk around the outside of the field since its pavement while she practices. I'm even thinking about taking a kickboxing class, since the YMCA up the street offers it on Monday's and Kayla doesnt have practice on monday's.. We'll see..

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday, September 17, 2006

5 Days Old....

Trust your Instincts.... JAYDEN IS HERE!!!!

I just wanted to say that I have some truly remarkable friends!!! I was taken care of soooo well by Chydelle that she has no idea how GRATEFUL and Thankful I am to have her not only as a friend, as a Soror but as my SISTER!!!

Well Saturday after much convincing, I came to Labor and Delivery because my legs had been swollen since Thursday morning, they all of a sudden swelled up and would not go down, despite me propping my feet up.

I get to L&D and they want to do a 24 hr urinalys (FYI - I only have one kidney) to check for protein in my kidneys and there was blood work done. The blood work results were not good, so I stayed over night, after staying overnight the next morning, again blood work results weren't good, and there was elevataed levels of protein in my urine. Another 24 hrs, this time my Dr. was suppose to contact my specialist in the morning so they could discuss what would happen next....

Monday morning, the nurse informs me that they are releasing me. I was alittle furious because of the test results and them treating me as if I had 2 kidneys vs 1. They told me to make a follow up appt w/ my specialist and allow him to make the determining factor (laziness on their part). They gave me a copy of my results from over the weekend and sent me on my way on complete BEDREST.

After getting home and laying down and being pissed off for about 2 hours and talking with Chydelle again, my instincts told me to contact my specialist. I call there really upset and they tell me to come right in. I go in and my blood pressure was 153/100. Everything went down hill from here. Protein levels high, I was passing ketones, feet swollen up to my thighs so bad, I couldn't walk...

My Specialist and his nurse were furious that L&D sent me home and my Dr. did an amnio to make sure Jayden's lungs were developed and sent me back to L&D... Tuesday morning the amnio results came back fine and c-section it was!!

And out came Mr. Jayden Tuesday, September 12, 2006 at 12:04pm, kicking and screaming...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Eventful Day.........

Well I went to the doctor's this morning for a simple check up and wound up spending the day in Labor and Delivery...
I was having contractions and Jayden's heartbeat was not elevating as it should.

So after a few hours in Labor & Delivery and finally the contractions stopping, a Sonogram showing Jayden was fine, just not a morning baby and stubborn like his mom... I got to come home!!!

This is around the time I started having complications with Kayla and wound up having her at 35 wks (i'm currently 34wks now), so please keep me, Jayden, Kayla and Rudy in your prayers...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Baby Shower

I want to thank EVERYONE who planned and attended my baby shower this past weekend! I had a great great time... Got alittle emotional (hope no one snapped any pics) and was able to fellowship w/ the people I enjoy the MOST!!!

My Sorors are the B-E-S-T! Drhooooooooooooo!!! 4 ever - Genesis of Excellence will always be my babies..... Sydni THANKS FOR COMING OUT OF INCOGNEGRA to hang w/ us!!!Thanks ladies for holding it down and the CREW! Can't forget yall, b'cuz we REPRESENT wherever we go, whatever we do!!!

Here's a pic of my Sorors (minus Fierce, she left early) and one of me alone!

Here is BIG SISTER KAYLA!!! (Helping /w the gifts)