Saturday, June 17, 2006

Week 24...............

So I'm 6 mths prego!!!! Whewww whooooo... I think I'm about ready for Mr. Jayden to make his appearance. I'm starting to feel Pregnant and it's slowing me down and tiring me out!! I was in denial for a while, thinking WOW I've gotten my energy back and all will be GREAT for the rest of the pregnancy.. HA HA... God loves laughing at us I'm sure... We get so confident and actually think that WE are in control, and he surely puts things into prospective for us..

Im starting to do the "swelling" thing, no doubt, I need to drink more water, I know this... So why is it soo hard to do? Well because I'm down right HARD HEADED! That's why, but soon enough I'll give in. I had my 3 hr glucose test on Wednesday because my 1 hr came back high.. Can you imagine sitting 3 hours in the Lab... ??? They tried to make it more comfortable for ya... (well now that I think of it, it wasn't that bad). Glucose patients had their own special section, w/ recliners and a TV. I felt tacky all reclined up...but the nurse told me to "Put those legs up" so I obliged and Mr. Sand man took over :-) . I told Rudy that me and Jayden needed a recliner for Jayden's room, we would take many GOOOOOD NAPS up in that thing :-)

So it's 2:32am and i'm wide the heck awake, I couldn't keep my eyes open at 9pm, so now Im up at 2... I have a weekend of relaxation ahead, so i'd like to think.. lol - Rudy has reminded me that I wanted to go to the Juneteenth Celebration at the Park and I remind myself that I must be NUTS because it will be HOT HOT HOT and me HOT is me IRRITABLE!!! lol (Well at this point everything makes me irritable)...

About Mr. Jayden

Energizer baby. Jumping and diving, rolling and kicking—your little one is having a great time training for the Baby Olympics. Just as you settle in for a good night's sleep, he starts his workout. Does it seem as if he's moving more than ever? He is: Babies are most active between 24 and 28 weeks. After that, there won't be enough room for him to perform the acrobatics he's so adept at now.

Thin skinned. If your baby could look down at his chest, he'd get his first anatomy lesson. Because his skin is still thin and transparent, it's possible to see the blood vessels, bones, and organs beneath it. His skin will continue to thicken as the months pass, until it's opaque like yours.

Eye spy. Even though your baby's eyes are still fused shut, all the parts of his eyes are present, including the retina, which completes its development over the next month. The iris, the colored part of the eye, still doesn't have any pigmentation. Your little one's eye color will fill in over the next few months, though their final shade won't be settled until after he's born.

Measuring up. Your little gymnast weighs up to 1.3 pounds this week and measures 10 to 11 inches.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Looong Week

This past week has been quite exhausting.. We went to Philly last weekend to visit family and attend my 1st cousin's wedding. We can back on Monday and I stayed up until 1am finishing homework, I didn't do over the weekend. Tuesday back at work, we got word that a particular law was about to "cap" by the end of the week. Filing began on April 1, 2006 and already not even 2 months later, it was about to be capped out until April 1, 2007. Needless to say I bussed my butt ALL WEEK LONG at work, neglecting school and family.

I came home each night well after 7pm exhausted and going straight to bed. Last night I chilled w/ 4/5ths of the crew at dinner, for a relaxation session, we haven't seen each other together in a while...

Finally the weekend!! Well I had homework to do that wasn't done all week and today was our end of the Session F.R.E.E session for our mentor program. We are taking a summer break and starting back up in August. We had a BBQ at the park and it got HOT!! Needless to say, i was glad when it was over because i was irritable and HOT.. I came home and sleep for almost 3 hrs straight.. How the heck am I going to make it in the Bahamas for a weekend.. lol I guess, as long as I get the beach and some shopping in I'll be ok..

Here are my 1st official belly pics.. 22 weeks pregnant.. 2 more weeks and i'll be in my 3rd and final trimester!!! Mr. Jayden is very very active, he likes to kick mommy when she's trying to sleep or just relaxing.. Big Sister Kayla's two front teeth are loose.. ha ha ha My baby's gonna be a snag-a-tooth soon...

I updated my personal website today w/ some photos...

Me at 22 weeks Prego... (savor the moment, I probably won't take many more pics)

My poor baby is KNOCKED out from her lonnnng day :-)