Friday, December 08, 2006

Photos and an Update (finally)

It has clearly been toooo long since I last posted. Mr. Jayden is almost 3 mths (on the 12th, he'll officially be 3 mths), although he was 12 wks this past Tuesday... Do I have to do the weeks thing? I hate when people say, Oh my son is 42 wks... huh??? lol Just say he's almost ONE. So I think (probably not) from this point forward, I wont do the WEEKS, it's just MONTHS and I'll get sick of that soon too.. lol Dont you love when people say, oh he's 42 months... (you have to calculate in your head.. oh he'll be 4 in 6mths).
So when asked, he's almost 3 mths... instead of 12 wks and 3 days... 3 hrs and 51 mins old!

Jayden's newest things are.. scooting up on his knees, moving his self around in his pack n play (yes you will lay him facing one way and he wakes up facing another way), TALKING.. oh goodness, the coooos and noises he makes are sooo cute and funny. My husband and I both swore he said HI, but I'm sure the lack of sleep said HI and not Jayden... But he will look you straight in the eye as if he's having a full conversation with you and you ask him a question and he responds... it's tooo funny! He's enjoying his swing a little more, he might last an entire 22 mins now... but if you turn on the Mozart, he'll fall asleep and last about 27 mins.. lol OH and he likes it on speed 4... I guess he's adventurous!!

This photo was actually taken today, he woke up with SMILES GALORE and of course, I couldn't get a pic of ONE!! lol He has the cutest smile on this side of creation... He is truly a happy baby.. Still peaceful and calm... he likes to just sit w/ mom and chill.

This photo was taken in Philly at my dad's house.. We went home for Thanksgiving at the spur of the moment, I had a dose of homesickness... lol

This photo is actually on Thanksgiving. As you can see Jayden was NOT too happy about wearing all of those clothes, hes' a FLORIDA baby, he knows NOTHING and I mean NOTHING about all those clothes... But he had to admit, he looked TOOOO CUTE in his sweater, courdoroys and Timberlands....

Again, too many clothes, A COAT??? What in the world is a COAT!

I wish I would have videocamed this

Jayden is going to be a handful, he gave his Big Sister such a HARD TIME when it came to her feeding him. I needed 10 mins to just get dinner on the stove, but he was hungry, so I thought, what harm could it do if she sat and fed him... Oh well Jayden wasn't having it and it was the FUNNIEST thing ever.... Too bad I didn't capture it on film....

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