Saturday, August 05, 2006

You would think.....

AS i'm sitting here wondering what in the world is wrong w/ me! Where does all this energy come from??

I realize why I'm sooo tired during the week and irritable.. you would think I have nothing to do the way I'm carrying on around here!!

My day today....

I got up around 9:30, showered and headed to work... I have a case that needs to be finished ASAP and since Rudy's parents are coming next week, I took off Tues and Wednesday, well if I expect to be off, I decided to go into work this morning and get alittle bit accomplished. I have 3 clients to meet w/ Monday morning, so the reality of me getting this file done on Monday was slim because the entire morning would be ruined. I got to work alittle after 10:30 and worked until about 12:30 and met Melissa for lunch at the Japanese Steakhouse (no I wasn't suppose to eat there.. but oh well, no use crying over spilled milk). After lunch, I went back to work and stayed until about 5:30pm. I got the majority of work done and only have 1 major thing to finish on Monday.

I left work and came home to find Rudy working on Jayden's room, well I jumped right on in and we finally finished around 8pm. I started dinner and then sat down and started on my homework! So as I review my days events alone, I realize why come Monday morning I will be EXHAUSTED! Tomorrow is more homework and I'm going to "try" and relax alittle, but w/ my in-laws coming, I'm sure I'll think of a million things to do!

I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions, I'm going to mention it to the Doctor on Tuesday... 31 wks, I only need to make it atleast 5 more, so Mr. Jayden can come on out!!! WAIT...DO YOU REALIZE I HAVE 63 DAYS LEFT UNTIL MY DUE DATE!!! and I'm having him 4-5 wks early since I have to be induced.... Oh my goodness!!!! How exciting...

Again where does all the energy come from???? lol

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