Tuesday, September 09, 2008

About Me… Jayden Rudiger Ellis

About Me… Jayden Rudiger Ellis

1. Nicknames: JayBoogie, JayDeezie, Jay-Man, Jay
2. When is your Birthday – 09/12
3. How old will you be? 2 years old
4. What is your favorite TV show? Go Diego Go!
5. Favorite food? English Muffin w/ Cheese, Pasta, Pasta and more Pasta, Pizza and Raisins
6. What food do you dislike? Broccoli
7. Favorite drink? Apple Juice or Cranberry Grape
8. Favorite restaurant? Olive Garden (love those bread sticks)
9. Favorite toy? Basketball or Elmo or Bike
10. What I call my family? My Mommy…Daddy…Kaywa or Sissy, Pop Pop E, NaNa, Pop Pop
11. Favorite thing to do? Climb over the couch, Turn the air mattress into a sliding board; lean it against the bed and climb up it and slide down it; Throw things at people and laugh, Throw my food at people and laugh; Climb on objects that aren't supposed to be climbed upon and count down (4, 3, 2,1) and jump off as if I have a parachute!! Climb on anything that looks climbable; even if I'll fall off, hurt myself, cry, run to mommy, after she kisses the boo boo, I'll do it all over again!
12. Favorite Sayings… My Mommy, Mine, Nooo, Ok, Diego, Go, Go, Stop, Go Away and end every sentence with “K” and a head nod..
13. Comfort necessity? My Bee Bee / Bo Bo (my blanket)

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Jamie said...

Jayden is so adorable Renee! Kayla looks like a wonderful big sister too.