Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday... (almost Friday)

So today wasn't too bad.. I think im finally getting a tummy... ha ha
I was at the copy machine and my stomach hit a button while I was putting papers on the machine, I had no clue what happened or how to fix it. So I had to call the office manager and explain that my belly hit the machine and changed the settings. lol

Well today Rudy decided he wanted to spell his boy's name JAYDEN so that Kayla nd Jayden can both have a "Y".. wow! I easily obliged, as it doesn't matter to me, I thought the 5 letters each was a winner, but obviously not.. ha ha.. I'm not hard to please..

Well today Jayden was on fire inside my belly, he moved all around, especially when I ate, he wouldn't sit still and today I got my baby doppler, well I listened as soon as I walked through the door (I surely did) and at first, I kept feeling and hearing kicks! He was kicking at the doppler.. lol Guess he doesn't like pressure on top of him because although I found his heartbeat (eventually) he was moving and kicking the whole time! Well, I see I might have another fiesty one! Well once I get school under control, I will start his own personal blog/site...

Talk to ya later!!!

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