Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday.... (Only)

It's only tuesday and it feels like it should be Friday already..
Saturday was the March of Dimes walk in the Central Florida area...
We represented and walked 6 miles all in the name of MARCH OF DIMES / SIDS / Premature babies.... By Sunday my legs were numb, Monday was alittle better and today is much better..

Besides being stressed at work, things are going ok. I decided today to rent a baby heart doppler, I can't believe I bought the BeBe Sounds machine, it was such a disappointment w/ Kayla and I had the nerve to spend my 20.00 on it again this time! Can't hear anything, so I'm renting the baby doppler, and I dont have to wait each month for my dr. appt to hear Mr. Jaden and know that all is ok :-) I figured until he starts moving around regularly and I can feel it, I'm going to just rent the doppler....

Well, I'm going to go now.. I'm actually going to start an actual baby blog for Mr. Jaden himself. I guess he likes that idea, he's kicking away right now... (it's either that idea or the chili cheese hot dog i'm eating, either way he's enjoying something!!!)

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