Monday, March 12, 2007

Jayden is SIX MONTHS!!!!

Wow has time flown by or what! My baby is SIX MONTHS old today!

Let's see what things Jayden has accomplished.

He is rolling in both directions (stomach to back and back to stomach). He is scooting around, not really crawling yet, but will get up on his knees and throw hiself forward. I caught him yesterday trying to get his toy that as a few feet away on the floor (purposely placed to get him to crawl over ot it) Well instead, he grabbed onto his play mat and pulled hiself over enough to scoot up and grab the toy! I couldn't beleive it! He often gets frustrated when he tries to crawl, not really knowing what to do! lol So I'm giving him much more floor time to make sure he gets the crawling thing down to a science.

He's almost sitting up on his own, I haven't really given him much of a chance, so I'm working on that more, sitting him in his bumbo more and sitting him on the floor w/ me, in between my legs, so he can sit up. He gets a good 10 secs of sitting up and then ususally slumps over or to the side. He seems to want to STAND more than sit..

He has TWO teeth (you saw the pics below)but boy is he irritable. We have a fight each night trying to get him asleep, but he just wants some loving and cuddling. He loves to have his hair scratched/massaged (gets that from his momma) and loves to lay on my chest and hear my heart beat, he usually falls right asleep, even after daddy has tried a million and one things! Nothing like momma's boob and a good head massage! lol

He has PERSONALITY! whewww he gets mad when he doesn't get something he wants, he get's EXCITED when he sees his Big Sis or when he's awake and you go to get him. He'll lay on his back staring up at you smiling as big as he can smile! A real charmer!!

So we sort of put Jayden through his 6 months Rites of Passage... Sleeping in his own room, in his crib... We did it a few times last week because his room is smaller and we needed to put the vaporizer on so he could get rid of his nasty cough and cold. Well he sleep GREAT, but I didn't like it.. I missed my baby in his pack n play right next to me, last night I laid him down in our room, but I'm sure we need to get him used to his own room :-(

So we tried to go for the 6 months / spring photos yesterday and after waiting 2 hrs (long story that I dont want to re-live for fear of getting pissed off again) he was sooo patient up until picture time! He was tired and fell asleep after fussing! Got one OK photo in there, so instead after he was well rested and we got home, mom opened up Renee's Photos and took some good shots.

Here are some pics of him and his Big Sister

This morning, look at his pose.. lol He is tooo adorable!


Soror said...

He looks too adorable! Happy 6 months Mr. Jayden. He and Kayla's pics are the cutest ever! The facial expressions Jayden gives are priceless too!

Lot's of Love to you all

Pastel52 said...

Happy 6 months old!! Jayden sleeping is priceless!! Kayla is such a great big sister!!

Saina said...

Happy 1/2 birthday, Jayden! Love the pics! So cute about him falling asleep on you and the scalp massage!!! :-D

Amnesty said...

I love the sleeping picture! I love their matching yellow shirts too...I'm going to have to show Rory, yellow is his favorite color :) Very cute!