Wednesday, April 19, 2006

82 million dollars..

Ok so this morning I played the lotto.. 5 dollars... wouldn't it be nice to win???? hmm i already started thinking of all of the things I would do.. some not so nice, but hell it's my thoughts, my dreams, why can't I think of them...

Well baby and I are doing great, I have a dr. appt next week, hopefully we can determine the sex of the baby and we can't stop calling the baby "the baby" and call it "Jaden or Khiya"... I'm finding myself wanting a girl more and more. I started off strongly wanting Rudy to have his baby boy... but my mind has seemed to have changed.. lol I want another girl so I can have me and my girls... I have posted ultrasound pics on my website...

My eating habits are getting more and more weird.. So today I went to the market to get some fruit, walk past the spaghetti and meatballs (chef boyardee) and pick up 3 cans, it was on sale. Come to work and eat the chefboyardee for breakfast! I then ate the fruit for lunch... backwards, I know, I know..

Well i'm at work and have some news to share, but I'll wait until i get home this evening!!! smooches!

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