Saturday, April 08, 2006

Light of Hope....

So... yesterday was the first day that I woke up in the morning and tried to put on a shirt (mind u I just wore this skirt 2 weeks ago) and it was TOO LITTLE!!! Wouldn't fasten.. Not only wouldn't fasten, but wouldn't even come around to touch, I was happy but pissed at the same time, I had the perfect outfit put together to wear.. lol - it was back to the drawing board.

I went to the Light of Hope Child Abuse Awareness Candle Light Vigil last night. It's an annual ceremony remembering those children who no longer have a voice, because of child abuse incidents that may have taken their lives. The event also praises the children who were / are able to get through the tough times and become survivors..

I am a Child Abuse Awareness/Prevention Advocate. My Sorority focuses on Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention, the program I helped found is called Delta Rho A.R.M.S. (Angels Receiving Motivation and Support) we assist with adopting various emergency shelters on a monthly basis. We assist with wish list items, trying to make sure the children have items needed on a daily basis.. We will be hosting a step show in October, it will be a part of the Child Abuse Prevention Task Force Annual Community Fair.. The Fair is on the same date as my due date, I'm still optimistic that I'll be able to attend the Fair and if not, I'll be a facilitating fool! lol

We all know i'm a perfectionist freak, so it will all be outlined for my committe and it will be a SUCCESS w/ or with out my presence :-)

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