Saturday, April 01, 2006

Exhausted... Getting OLD

I am POOPED... I have been up since 8am, out the house, took the girls to "snarkasnoops" science show and then to the Spring Festival at the Lake... It was HOT, we were walking and walking and walking and I looked down and poor Kayla was RED HOT and sweating..

We got something to drink and left, it was too hot out there. Funny thing on the way back to the car, they both said "Our legs hurt".. I thought, we haven't walked that far, but, I guess we did, I wasn't really paying

We ate lunch and came home and I PASSED out, Rudy took over and played with them (thank goodness). When I got up they were about to go to the Park, so I tagged along with them. They had a good time, kinda sucks that I had to just watch and couldn't join in.. They played dodge ball and then had relay races... I got to say "Ready, Set, GO!!" Whewww what fun... lol

Fast Forward... We are back home and the girls just showered and are watching TV. It's only 8pm but I'm ready to PASS OUT again, this time for the evening. I will let them watch tv for about 2 hrs and then it's nighty night time, have to get up for church in the morning.

I bought some really cute stuff at Michael's, I'm doing a scrapbook for my best friend's son. I have all the materials, now I need to get on the ball w/ it. I want to buy stuff for Baby Ellis, but..... I dont want to do "neutral", if it's a girl, I want to do girl stuff, if it's a boy, I want to do boy stuff. In the meanwhile, I'll start condensing Kayla's stuff and making her a book. Since everything is soo digital these days, she has tons of pictures on the computer, but not in books. So I think i'll do some crafts tomorrow after church and relax.

The girls bought some stuff to make bookmarks and journal covers, so we'll have crafts time after church. Well goodnight (i'm getting old and I'm pregnant - no way 8pm on a Saturday night, I'm ready to lay it down!) lol

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