Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wore out........

It's not quite 8pm yet and im about to call it a night. This week has been one to say the least!
I'm glad to be off Friday, if to do nothing else BUT relax and try and get alittle bit of homework done.

I've tried to overcome my shopping addiction, but it doesn't seem to be working. This week I've been trying to win various designer purses from off of the radio station. This is my co-worker's idea. I listen and call, but the funny thing is that I dont know the artists.. Monday was "Bon Jovi", yesterday Nickelback and today, Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20... Well every song that came on that I didn't know I had to ask, is this it? is this it? And the ONE song I thought i knew for sure, we call, call and call and get through and we were WRONG! It was hilarious actually, here I am r&b w/ a little bit of hip hop as they come and I'm trying to listen to the 80's, 90's and today music station and think I know something! You have to admit the coach and dooney bags are tooooooooooooooo cute!! and to top it off you get $100.00.. So I figured if I won one of the ugly bags, I'd sell it on e-bay and keep the $100.00.. Well we'll have to see, if I win...

Afterwork , I went on a shopping spree at MACY'S... I got Kayla sooooooooo much stuff it was ridiculous, I'm glad I went alone, I would have been distracted otherwise... Macy's 1 day sale is NO JOKE!

Well I had hoped to type more but i'm too tired.. so i'll call it a night..

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